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Top tips for selling your house in the summer – York, Leeds, Harrogate, Hull, Sheffield

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

A list of tips for making your home more attractive to buyers during the quieter summer months has been released by the professional body for estate agents.

NAEA Propertymark said summer can be a difficult time to sell because people are away on holiday and families are too busy entertaining children to house hunt.

However, there may also be some advantages to the warmer months and longer days which you can exploit in order to attract a summertime buyer.

Mark Hayward, chief executive of NAEA Propertymark, explained: “As a rule of thumb, the property market is generally slower in the summer as the holiday season kicks in and buyers and sellers leave the country in the pursuit of sun.

“It’s therefore important to go the extra mile if you’re trying to sell during these months. There are a few inexpensive improvements which will create great first impressions and increase your chances of a speedy and profitable sale.”

Neutral colours

Buyers will have varied tastes, and you cannot cater for them all. So, when getting your house ready for viewings think about giving the walls a fresh lick of paint in a neutral colour.

This will not only make the property look light, bright and fresh it will help any potential buyers to picture themselves and their belongings living in your home.

Clear clutter

Having too many personal items, especially things like family photos and ornaments, on display might distract buyers and prevent them from visualising the home as their own.

Clutter may also create an impression that rooms are smaller. Having a ruthless de-clutter and spring clean will ensure your home looks bigger and clearer and it will make it easier when you move too.

Let in light and air

It might seem very simple, but having blinds and curtains open to allow the light to flood into your home will create a more inviting environment during viewings.

What’s more, ventilate the rooms by opening a window as this will dispel any smells. Arranging flowers in vases in some of the rooms will also help improve the air quality.

Get rid of bad smells

Smells caused by pets or strong cooking can be off-putting to buyers for obvious reasons. It might be a good idea to ask friends or family to look after pets prior to and during viewings and also to avoid cooking anything with a particularly strong smell. Airing the property a few hours before the viewing will also help eradicate any odours.

Spruce up your bathroom

According to NAEA Propertymark freshening up your bathroom is a small but inexpensive job which could have a huge impact on viewers.

Add a green, leafy plant or a new white shower curtain to revitalise the room. Then clear away toiletries from view and store them in a cupboard whilst ensuring the toilet, bath, shower, sink and mirrors are spotlessly clean. Put a new toilet roll in the holder and hang out a clean hand towel as a finishing touch.

Article from What Mortgages online Posted on July 10, 2018 by Kate Saines


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